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Weddings can be incredibly expensive, especially if a young couple plans on paying for the entire affair themselves. From flowers and dresses to food and the venue, costs can quickly add up when planning a dream wedding day. However, there are some ways to save some money on the necessities of a wedding, and tips to be more cost effective as well.

It may seem like it will cost more, but it usually does not. Places like museums and aquariums charge a small fee and you do not have to worry about decor with all of the unique items that you will be surrounded with. If you choose to have your wedding outdoors, many locations only require a small fee for a permit, but keep in mind you will have to rent all tables, chairs, tents, decor and more.

Time it right and instead of a five or six hour reception, trim it down to three. Other couples are deciding to get married in the morning and offer a lunch or brunch afterwards, which is much cheaper especially when it comes to any kind of open bar tab. Guests will still have lots of fun and they will even have their evening free.

If you are set on having a reception in the evening, save some money by only serving wine, beer and perhaps a choice of two signature cocktails. Make them look a little fancier by making a drink that may be representative of the colors you are using in your wedding party. You can also cut out a champagne toast if you would like – guests will then have their choice to cheer with what beverage they have and you won’t be wasting any champagne on someone who doesn’t like it.

If you or your hubby are creative, consider making your own invites, favors or thank you cards, for example. The more you can make, the more money you will save, but only consider this option if you have the time to put into your crafting.

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